YearProject NameDescriptionSectorCustomerLocation
2014B460 Project Phase 2 - CourrierConnection line between buffer area - Assemblyshop and modular belt conveyor for water test and CAL application.AutomotiveFord - OtosanGolcuk - Turkey
2014Transit Jumbo modificationsModifications of 18 elevators and 5 oven conveyors in the paintshop according to new body weight to produce.AutomotiveFord - OtosanGolcuk - Turkey
2014Sumitomo new tyre factoryConveyor systems and quality control equipment for passenger car tyres.AutomotiveSumitomoCankiri - Turkey
2013B460 Project Phase 1 - CourrierBodyshop production line and smart buffer area upstream/downstream paintshopAutomotiveFord - OtosanGolcuk - Turkey
2013Steel Door production lineConveyor systems from A to Z for steel door manufacturing line.General industryKale Çelik EşyaEsenler - Istanbul
2012Halle 6 ProjectTruck chassis bodyshop, trim, paint and final assembly linesAutomotiveMercedesAksaray - Turkey
2012Engine and rear axle dress-up lineSub assembly line for front and rear axle preparationAutomotiveFord - OtosanGolcuk - Turkey
2011Paintshop handling system - New LoganProject consisting of complete paintshop 60 body/hourAutomotiveRenault-NissanSamara - Russia
2011Tire handling system - Passenger car tyresComplete re-engineering of tyre handling system Finitura areaLogisticsPirelliKocaeli - Turkey
2011Assemblyshop part supply system and warehouseTransfer tunnels and heavy weight elevators for 5 tons container handlingLogisticsRenaultMoscow - Russia

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